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Ray's Hell Burger gets Obama and Medvedev

Obama and Medvedev at Ray's (Facebook photo)
President Obama loves Ray's Hell Burger. So much so, POTUS has made Ray's Hell Burger a stop for lunch with visiting Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. And Obama had a power lunch at Ray's Hell Burger with Vice President Joe Biden last year. But what's all the fuss over Ray's Hell Burger? According to the blog DC Foodies.com, Ray's Hell Burger's the third in a series of burger places started by Washington area restauranteur Michael Landrum, and all called Ray's. Opened in 2008, Ray's Hell Burger at 1713 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, VA, DC Foodies reports that you can get the burgers in a variety of different combinations and for those who like cheese on their burger (this blogger doesn't), you have a wide selection of them to put on your burger. You can have basics, or top it with Brie, Italian, or Taleggio. Obama First at Ray's Hell Burger with Joe Biden President Obama made his first trip to Ray's last May 2009 with Vice President Joe Biden. The two waited in line to order burgers, where Obama had a cheese burger, which may have been a Swiss cheese selection. The power lunch took all of 45 minutes.
Burger eating contest!  
This time, President Obama took President Dmitry Medvedev to Ray's. On this occasion, Obama had a cheeseburger again, while Medvedev put onions, jalepenos, and mushrooms on his. That means President Medvedev had one hot burger. No word on what Medvedev drank, but given the toppings, it should have been water. (Update: the photo shows it was Coca Cola.) What's interesing from the photos is the body language captured. Obama, starring intentely at Medvedev while bitting into his own cheese burger. It's as if Obama's saying "What do you think of the burger, as aides lean forward paying rapt attention like watching an epic chess match between the late Bobby Fisher and Donald Byrne. Given the way Obama bit into his meat creation, you'd expect him to suddenly find his inner Samuel L. Jackson and say "Mmmmm! That is one tasty burger!" Obama supports local establishments What's cool about President Obama is he uses the office of the President to support local food businesses. In Washington DC, he's done it with Ray's Hell Burger, and with Ben's Chili Bowl. As Obama travels around the country, he should extend the practice to local places in the cities he touches down in, when he has the time. If he comes to Oakland, Obama's got to try the sandwiches at Bakesale Betty's, which just opened a new place on Broadway and Grand Avenue. If Obama visits Atlanta, he's got to try breakfast at The Flying Biscuit; the one at 1655 McClendon. If he's in New York City, my all time favorite place is the 21 Club at 21 West 52nd Street. I know it's not the "place of the people" but it's history. A place Frank Sinatra held court at and goes back to Prohibition. "21" is an amazing place. Obama's got to pay a visit to it.
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  1. It's really good to see. What a gracious host Obama is. Entertaining the Russian president at a cheap burger joint...how charming.

    Great advice on Washington DC travel


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