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Hyatt Regency SF: Shaving Head In Hotel Bathroom Gets Visit From Security

Hyatt Regency SF: Shaving Head In Hotel Bathroom Gets Visit From Security So. Here I am in San Francisco to order and pick up my business cards from the usual place: Fed Ex Kinkos. Since I had time before my radio show and the NFL Meeting, I planned to grab lunch at one of my favorite places, the lobby restaurant of the Hyatt Regency San Francisco. But, upon scratching my head, I realized that the all-too-quick morning shave resulted in stubble. Since I'm proud of my bald head, I had to do something about that. I went to Walgreens and purchased small shave cream and travel shaver and then went to the hotel and to the bathroom to take care of the offending hair - at least to me. So, as I'm shaving, there were people moving in and out, and a very nice man who was a Jehovah's Witness, and gave me a book, but it wasn't crowded - I was not in anyone's way. Then as I finished, a voice said "You gonna finish that up buddy." I saw behind me a guy with a menacing look. That was weird. "We don't allow shaving in here," he said. And as I talked, another security guy came in and there were three of them, but the last guy seemed really cool. I said "So, you all have something against my nubian head?" They laughed. What I wanted to know was who would go to security and file a complaint over something that women do in the women's bathroom - comb hair (which is like shaving for me) or put on makeup (didn't have any as I wasn't doing TV)? We have allowed the establishment of defacto courts of law where the plaintiffs are unseen, the defendents are generally black men, and the court is the security department of the company. That is a violation of the 6th Amendment of The Constitution, and yet, that and the 14th Amendment are made a mockery of on a daily basis. The security people at the Hyatt were just doing their jobs, I get that and this is not about them. This is about the society we have established and the need to make these private and public actions where people can just 'say anything' about someone else because that person has mental issues that may lead to racism or just plain mean behavior, to stop it. They must be made to file their name and ID - this way we can get a track record of people who abuse the system.

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