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Albert Haynesworth, Ray Lewis, Lavar Arrington: Redskins DT sit out update

Albert doesn't want to be the NT or the DE in the 3-4
Washington Redskins Star Defensive Tackle Albert Haynesworth has held out of required minicamps because of his disagreement with Head Coach Mike Shanahan's planned use of the 3-4 Defense. The way Haynesworth approached the issue - taking the $22 million the Redskins owed him after the trade period past and not seeking a trade to another NFL team, then holding out - has made Albert the bullseye for a number of irrational comments from a media that generally doesn't understand football strategy or the NFL player's concern for injury. But what's different this time is that some of Albert Haynesworth's teammates, and some NFL Legends, have come down on him too. Most notable was Baltimore Ravens Middle Linebacker Ray Lewis, who said on a radio show that what defense he played in wasn't an issue to him and that Albert should essentially just do his job. That caused this blogger to call out the linebacking legend for being a hypocrite because in 2005 Lewis said that he preferred to play in a 4-man front defense and be a middle linebacker and not an inside linebacker as in the 3-4. That was picked up by my friend Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk.com, and then seen by the great, retired NFL Middle Linebacker Lavar Arrington, who was on the same radio show as Lewis. Arrington contacted me via Twitter to air a few choice words in my direction:
LaVarArrington @zennie62 can agree to disagree take care June 22, 2010 1:29:52 PM PDT via web LaVarArrington @zennie62 at the end of the day if youve ever played a team sport you know sometimes "u have to take one for the team" be well educated men 1:29 PM Jun 22nd via web in reply to zennie62 LaVarArrington @zennie62 are they wrong?are his teammates wrong for feeling like hes selfish and sold them out?hes the only one not in camp?did his team 1:24 PM Jun 22nd via web in reply to zennie62 LaVarArrington @zennie62 forget about the coach and the money how about his teammates that have defended him for all this time? 1:23 PM Jun 22nd via web in reply to zennie62 LaVarArrington @zennie62 he has for me is a embarrassmentto everyone who sacraficed for him to even have the opportunity to make that type of money 1:22 PM Jun 22nd via web in reply to zennie62 LaVarArrington @zennie62 u can disagree and like i said not in malice you can take or leave it but defending haynesworth for handling his issues the way 1:20 PM Jun 22nd via web in reply to zennie62 LaVarArrington @zennie62 than just yourself! take care i did not do this in malice i did this because your opinion on this is not correct 12:56 PM Jun 22nd via web LaVarArrington @zennie62 are correct they think you are making yourself look like you dnt know what u r talking about you should be more careful for more 12:54 PM Jun 22nd via web LaVarArrington @zennie62 your post is not accurate nor is appropriate and you should really rethink retracting this mess you posted people dnt think you 12:50 PM Jun 22nd via web LaVarArrington @zennie62 haynesworth? if you want some fame do it the right way not speaking out of term of things you have limited knowledge of 12:47 PM Jun 22nd via web LaVarArrington @zennie62 your article makes no sense u seem to have a decent bio but for you to call one of the best lbs of all time a hypocrite over albrt 12:46 PM Jun 22nd via web
Well, OK, a lot of choice words. Arrington and I agreed to disagree. I simply hold that the 3-4 in the Oklahoma-style (with a nose tackle and ends over the tackles) that some teams employ will ruin the career of a lineman and a defensive tackle. I didn't always believe that, but increase in the size, strength, and speed of offensive linemen has made me alter my view. You have to fight fire with fire and that means more, big defensive linemen who can take on the offensive line. This, the 4-3, or 4-something. Haynesworth will be back to the skins Albert Haynesworth issued this statement according to The Washington Post:
Despite my current differences with the Redskins, I have always planned to attend training camp and honor my contract. As I have previously said, I am continuing to prepare for the season individually and will report on time, in shape and ready to play football. Any issues I have with the club I will discuss privately and therefore do not plan to make any further public comments about this matter.
So it looks like Al's coming back. But Coach Mike should rethink his defensive ideas. The 3-4 is just plain stupid to play in the Oklahoma style. When The New England Patriots played the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football, the Saints just nuked the Pats base 3-4 Oklahoma Defense. Frankly, I enjoyed it, as the Saints used every basic trick in the book a good offense employs to beat the 3-4, and yet the Pats stayed with it. Wild. Stay tuned.
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