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U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski Losing To Joe Miller In Alaska GOP Primary

If Lisa loses, she may go fishing for Sarah
U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski is behind by 2,000 votes, 45,909 to 43,949, to challenger Joe Miller in the Alaska GOP Primary.

 If Lisa Murkowski loses, it will be viewed here as a win more for Sarah Palin than for the Tea Party Movement.

Look, Lisa Murkowski has a seat Palin felt should have been hers long ago. But Lisa's daddy, Frank Murkowski, picked his daughter to be Alaska Senator in 2002. Then Palin beat Frank Murkowski in the Alaska Gubernatorial Race in 2006. Over the course of time, Palin has made it known she felt that Senate seat should have been hers.

This isn't about the Tea Party; this is a catfight.

And I don't care if you bring up a Black Conservative from out of state and tell people a Black Conservative is stumping for Joe Miller and how great it looks, as the so-called American Thinker (smoking a GIANT bong in the process) presented. This is still about Lisa and Sarah.

But, yeah, some brother named Lloyd Marcus was trucked up to Alaska by the Tea Party Express to stump for Joe Miller! Why in God's good name would the Tea Party Express send a black guy up to Alaska to help a white GOP candidate? To show that the Tea Party Express and Joe Miller really do have black friends.  (Meanwhile CNN gives the racist Tea Party guys airspace, painfully reminding the Tea Party Express of its real roots.)

What's more shameful is Lloyd Marcus allowed himself to be used in this way.  If you look at the American Thinker (LOL), Mr. Marcus looks like he should play the Sheriff in Blazing Saddles.

Now a fair bet is  Lloyd Marcus is a beautiful man.  He has to be just to put up with all of the "what you doing here" looks he's certainly getting.  OMG!!

But I digress. I really had to, though.  Back to Lisa, er Senator Murkowski.

As she was watching the election returns, Lisa Murkowski remarked that when Sarah Palin left office she vowed to help the people of Alaska. Instead, she served "in her own self-interest" as Senator Murkowski said to The Anchorage Daily News.

Democrats, don't you just love this GOP self-eating process? This massive cannibalization? Isn't just so cool to watch this Murkowski vs. Palin catfight writ large?! This blogger's having a ball.

Because once the smoke clears in Alaska, the GOP will have to face the clear Democratic choice, Scott T. McAdams.

Boy, kick GOP butt in Alaska's going to be so fun!
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